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Dear colleagues,

Happy new year!

Below you can find new material posted on thanks to the world’s neutron sources press officers, HR and scientists. We hope you enjoy it!

Scientific highlights

* Detecting hidden patterns on ancient swords here

* Neutrons offer guide to getting more out of solid-state lithium-ion batteries here

Projects and awards

* Max Born prize awarded to Christian Pfleiderer here

* Call for proposals for funding of neutron and muon introductory schools here

* New video on the benefits of European Collaboration here

* Call for bids to host SAS2021 here

* Detectors JRA – latest achievements here

* ETH Zurich honours Jülich Neutron Scientist here

* NMI3 Imaging JRA – latest achievements here

* EU to Support ESS Construction through SREss Project here

* Apply now for European master MaMaSELF here

News from the Neutron Centers

* VIP visit at the FRM II here

* EU Research Commissioner Visits ESS Construction Site here

* Three days for exchange between Users and HZB-scientists here

* Innovation and Engineering Set ESS on Path to Sustainability here

* Appointment of next ILL UK Associate Director and Head of Science here

* Britain’s STFC Signs On as Lead Partner for Two ESS Instruments here

Calls for Proposals

* NCNR Call for Proposals here

* Deadline for Neutron Scattering and Deuteration Proposals at the OPAL Reactor in Sydney is March 15 here


* Feb 10-12, RMCProfile Workshop

* April 4-5, Magnetism 2016

* April 4-7, COST School on Surface Analytical Techniques

* May 2-6, E-MRS symposium CC: In situ studies of functional nano materials at large scale facilities: from model systems to applications

* June 12-15, European Powder Diffraction Conference (EPDIC15)

* July 10-14, American Conference on Neutron Scattering 2016

* Sept 8-9, WINS 2016



* Postdoc in radiation detector Physics here


* Small-angle Neutron Scattering Instrument Scientist here

* Postdoc in Nanoscale Superconductivity here

NCNR and Uni. Delaware

* Postdoc Researcher in Soft Matter Science/Biophysics here


* Shull Fellow here

* Postdoctoral Research Associate in Protein Crystallography / NB50531721 here

* US ITER Vacuum Systems Group Leader / NB50531555 here

* Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Neutron Total Scattering and Nanostructured Materials here


* Postdoc on Novel Low-Temperature Sample Environment here

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Best regards,



Inês Crespo

Information Manager, NMI3 and SINE2020

Phone: +49 (0)89 289 14615

NMI3 is on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube:


Also coordinating

Twitter: @NeutronSources


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