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Seconda Summer School To.Sca.Lake

Dear Colleagues,

Following the successful edition of spring 2015, we are pleased to announce that the 2nd To.Sca.Lake Summer School will take place in Como, Italy, from May 29th to June 2nd 2017.

Information on the Program, Venue, Registration and availability of Grants for young attendees can be found on the webpage.

Extended Tutorials on Debussy and PDFGui are scheduled within the Program. In order to optimize their organization, the maximum number of participants is fixed at 50, on a first-come first-served criterion. Registration is already opened!

The Summer School “To.Sca.Lake 2.0: Total Scattering for Nanotechnology on the Como Lake” offers an extended overview on Total Scattering Techniques (from X-rays to visible light) for Nanotechnology, complemented by lectures on synthesis and applications of advanced nanomaterials. Theoretical, experimental and modeling aspects of Wide and Small Angle scattering methods will be integrated by hands-on tutorials on well renowned programs for DSE and PDF Analysis (Debussy and PDFGui) and Demo sessions on SAXS and Light Scattering. The Workshop is open to all aspiring scholars and scientists in any area related to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, and it is especially addressed to PhD students and young postdocs. The aim of the school is to deepen into both theoretical and applied frontier developments in these fields.

The School Directors

Antonella Guagliardi (Institute of Crystallography, CNR)

Norberto Masciocchi (University of Insubria)


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