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Progetti PhD a ILL

Dear Colleague,

The deadline for submitting a proposal for a PhD project is:

midnight Friday 2 November 2018

PhD projects satisfying the criteria for the academic in-house mission of the
ILL’s PhD program are put into competition via a transparent selection process.
Project selection is a two-stage procedure involving evaluation by in-house
review panels and decisions by the ILL directors.

Notification of short-listed projects will be sent out around mid January 2019.
Final selection will take place on 5 February 2019, when the ILL supervisors of
the short-listed projects are invited to defend the project via a presentation.

Scientific excellence is the main selection criterion.  However, other criteria
will also play a role in the selection process of PhD projects:

–> How well the submitted project contributes to the main mission of the
ILL PhD program, namely to enhance the academic life at the ILL while
simultaneously training future experts in neutron science.

–> How well the PhD proposal helps ILL scientists to strengthen their scientific
profile by knitting close ties with the user community.  The ILL co-supervisor
should therefore play an important role in the definition of the project.

–> In addition, the ILL management has to make sure that a proper balance
is achieved in terms of scientific topics, ILL instrumentation groups, as well as
the national distribution of host universities corresponding to the PhD proposals.

–> Finally, a student candidate may be proposed for the submitted PhD project,
in which case the student’s CV and cover letter should be attached to the email
sent to phd(at) along with the other application documents.  Although NOT a
prerequisite for a valid PhD proposal, a strong student candidate would be a plus,
albeit not a guarantee, for acceptance of the PhD project.  Full consideration will
be given to PhD proposals not containing a student candidate according to
the criteria listed above.

Please follow carefully and fully the application instructions at:

Thank you for your interest in the ILL’s PhD programme,

— The ILL Graduate School

If you do not wish to receive this type of email from the ILL in the future:
1) if you are a member of the Visitors Club please login to the Visitors Club ( and untick the box for the subscription to our mailing list in your personal data page;
2) if you are not a member of the Visitors Club please click here:

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